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REDDING, WV – With the Springtime baby boom in the rearview mirror, Modern Baby Magazine has now released their annual list of the hottest baby names of the year. The list, accumulated by polling several hospitals in every state, has been seen as a way to judge current trends in the United States.

“For years, people have looked to our list, and others like it, as a way to see where the country stands,” said Modern Baby Editor Carolyn Everett. “When the economy is going strong, we see a lot of affluent inspired names. Rupert, Buffy, Esmerelda, names that exude an air of wealth. During a recession, we typically see more working class names like Joe, and Bob and Mary. But this year is different, there is really no strong sense of where the country is. The top ten names are a wide range from all over the board. But I think that the number one says sets the tone perfectly. Uhoh.”

The name Uhoh said to be of an Asian origin, was chosen as the name for 38,497 infants since July of last year.

“Uhoh is just such a cute little name for a baby, and it’s a universal name that can be used for both boys and girls,” Everett said. “The name has a whole sense of mystery to it. I can’t count the number of people that have asked me what it means, but the thing is, I don’t know. No one does. It’s just one of those weird things that someone hears about then decides that would be a great name for their baby. It’s kinda like a snowball rolling down a hill. It starts out as just a name, then as it smashes and accumulates more babies in its cold embrace, it takes on a life of its own.”

The second most popular name, with 22,037, entries is the name Captain Artimis Buckminster the Third.

“Captain Artimis Buckminster the Third is a name that appeals to many different levels,” Everette said. “You have the military support. You have the aristocratic appeal. And most importantly you have a name that spans multiple generations in an instant. It’s a known fact that people treat other people differently if they have a number after their name. And with Captain Artimis Buckminster the Thrid, that’s three generations worth of respect right now. You can’t beat that.”

Coming in at number three on the list is Ronnie James Dio followed in succession by Pervis and Polio.

“You know, when it comes to naming your kids, you don’t want to be the same as everyone else, but all those names on the list were just so great,” said expectant mother Sarah Thompson. “I was going to name my daughter Rachel, you know, like from friends, but then I saw this list, and I just fell in love. At first I couldn’t decide. I liked the name Uhoh, but with it being number one, I figured that there would be tons of little Uhohs running around. So I went with number seven. I cant wait till my parents meet their grand-daughter: Madmax Beyondthunderdome Thompson. Isn’t that just the most perfect name ever?”

Also on the top ten list is Mongo Llyod (6th), Shizzle (8th), Stab (9th) and Dr. Doom (10th).


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