Reno Called in to Settle Dave Matthews CD Dispute


BOULDER, CO – Attorney General Janet Reno worked with outside intermediaries in Boulder, Co Friday on a possible agreement that would transfer custody of the Dave Matthews Band Compact Disc from Charise Wilson to its rightful owner, James “Doppey” Rathmuseon III immediately, a Justice Department spokeswoman said.

“These parties are still working out the details of such a plan,” Justice spokeswoman Marcy Volm said. “It has not been presented to Doppey.”

Volm would not identify the intermediaries other than as members of the Boulder community. She said they were in contact with Wilson and her family, who have defied Reno’s order to transfer the Dave Matthews Band CD.

Late Friday, Reno called the Rathmuseon lawyer, Aaron Wieman, with details of what the intermediaries were proposing, but there was no indication that Wilson, with whom the CD has stayed since Wilson and Rathmuseon ended their seven month relationship, according to a Justice official, who requested anonymity. Rathmuseon went to Wieman’s office Friday night to discuss the plan.

The insistence of the government and Rathmuseon on immediate transfer has been the sticking point in the negotiations, because Wilson has demanded continued discussion of whether the CD should be turned over. Wilson lost a U.S. District Court battle and an appeals court, which ruled that the disc couldn’t leave Wilson’s custody until it hears the case, did not bar Reno from switching custody.

Work on the intermediaries’ plan began even before Reno met Friday afternoon at the Justice Department with Rathmuseon, but it was not clear whether any mention was made of it in their 15-minute session.

Meantime, no progress was made at a secret meeting Friday in Boulder between mediators from the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service and Wilson according to a source familiar with the session held at a church.

The meeting, also attended by a local radio station owner, was an effort by the government to reach out to Wilson, but she said she would not turn over the CD, this source said.

Virtually out of options, Reno also awaited word Friday from her law enforcement agents in Boulder on the best time for them to remove the Dave Matthews disc from Wilson’s home.

While Reno clung to hope for a last-minute negotiated turnover, she could not give even Rathmuseon a timetable at their meeting for a reunion with his CD.


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