Facebook Relationship Status Concerns Friends, Family


CHAMPAIGN, IL – A Facebook status change has caused growing concern among a local woman’s friends and family. Local woman Bridget Torres changed her status from “in a relationship” to “single” almost 20 minutes ago and has yet to talk to any of her closest friends or family about the change.

“I saw that she changed her status and I was all like ‘oh my god! What happened?’ I immediately texted her but she hasn’t texted back yet and that was like 20 minutes ago so now I’m totally worried that she might be dead or something,” said Torres’ friend Rachel Finly. “I posted or her wall too and tweeted her but she isn’t answering anything. I thought John (Torres’ boyfriend) killed her but his Facebook says he’s in Chicago today. Oh my god! I wonder if he knows what she did! I’m gonna text Kari and see if she knows what’s up.”

Friends are especially concerned as Torres’ boyfriend, John Gracey, has not changed his Facebook status.

“According to John’s Facebook, he’s still in a relationship!” said Torres’ sister, Rene Torres-Steinberger. “I am so confused. I wish Bridget would respond to my wall post! I texted another friend of (Torres and Gracey) but they said neither of them have posted anything on their Facebook page in, like, a week or something. This is so not like either of them. Something must be seriously wrong. I wonder if she updated her MySpace page. No one uses that stupid site anymore but maybe she posted something there and hasn’t updated Facebook yet for some weird reason. I should also check her tumblr page.”

No explanation for the status change was given by Torres leaving those closest to her to speculate of the events that preceded the update.

“I think her boyfriend cheated on her with a hooker and got crabs while he was in Vegas last weekend and then got the hooker pregnant and (Torres) dumped him because she can’t trust him even though they went to Madison last month for the Cheese Festival and posted pictures of them eating cheese with those cheese hats on,” said Amy Shipp, Torres’ Facebook friend. “I posted on her wall after I visited her farm but she hasn’t responded yet. In fact, she hasn’t been to my farm in a week. Oh no. I hope she doesn’t hate me now! I hope she doesn’t unfriend me. I’m gonna go check Facebook and make sure we are still friends.”

Torres silence since the status update is concerning to friends and family as Torres typically updates Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram about every five to ten minutes.

“At first I thought that maybe she changed her status and then went to the bathroom to cry, but she shouldn’t be crying for that long,” Finly said. “I mean John was a really cool guy, but he wasn’t hot enough to warrant crying for 20 minutes. Fifteen minutes, maybe, but not 20. Now if he had a gigantic cock, then maybe I would cry for 20 minutes. Of course, I might be crying out of sheer joy, because sometimes big is too big. You know what I mean? I should poke Wendy (Gibson) to see if she has heard from Bridget.”

Several friends have tried to reach out to Torres but have had no success.

“Nothing that I have tried has worked,” Shipp said. “I mean I texted her and everything. It’s not like her to ignore me like this. I mean, I totally expected to at least get a smiley face back. But I got nothing. I’m really scared. All of my cows are dying, and it’s all because (Torres) isn’t there. This has just been the worst week ever.”

At press time neither Torres or Gracey were available for comment and all requests for interviews posted on their respective Facebook pages have not been answered.


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