Networks Unveil New Shows for Fall Television Season


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Over the last several weeks television networks have started rolling out their Fall schedule.

According to Television experts, anticipation for the fall television season is typically high because as the weather gets colder people want to spend more time in front of the television and less time doing something productive.

“We typically see the average television viewer increase their daily television viewing hours from six in the summer to almost 10 in the fall and winter,” said television expert Garth Kloeke. “In fall and winter it’s cold, people don’t want to be outside anymore so they spend a lot more time in front of the TV. And because of that the networks roll out the best of the best for the fall season.”

The Scoop News has interviewed several television experts and television fans about some of the shows they are excited about this new fall season.

“Captain Baffo and Unfrightenable Boy: The Series” – FOX
The Avengers and Man of Steel proved to be blockbusters at the movie theater and now television executives are looking to repeat that success on the small screen. With a couple other superhero shows already on the air, Fox is trying a different approach with “Captain Baffo and Unfrightenable Boy: The Series.”

“This is a relatively obscure comic character but it’s also the only one we could afford,” said CBS Programming Director David Deisenberg. “And we blew all of our budget on one special effects scene for the pilot so we will use that same scene for every show. The scene itself shows the entire city of New Chicago being obliterated. So every episode will feature the bad guy of the episode destroying all of the city, killing millions and millions of people. But really it won’t be any different than every superhero movie released in the last 10 years.”

“Boobs” – FXX
Porn, even the soft-core variety, is big business and the new FXX channel is hoping to draw in viewers with the show “Boobs” which centers around a pair of bare, talking breasts.

“(FXX) is taking a risk here but if it works they could have a hit on their hands,” said retired television producer Wilbur Bernstein. “And what guy doesn’t want to watch a pair of naked boobs talk for an hour every Thursday night? It is a little off-putting the way the producers made the boobs talk but it’s still boobs so men will watch.”

It is expected that “Boobs” will be a huge hit with the key 18 – 54 year old male demographic.

“Otter Dynasty” – A&E
Hoping to capitalize on the huge success of “Duck Dynasty,” A&E is rolling out a new sister series. The series, set in rural Maine, centers on a family that has made a modest living making, and selling otter calls.

“Most people don’t even know what sound an otter makes, and to be honest, most don’t care,” said A&E President of Programming Patrick McConnell. “The thing that this show has going for it is the otters themselves. Every episode will be chock full of the little critters doing cute and silly things. It’s amazing.”

“Breaking Bad” – AMC
Having just had its series finale in September, AMC has already ordered a remake of its most popular show. The new “Breaking Bad” will tell the story of high school science teacher Walter White as he struggles with his decision to cook meth in order to pay for his cancer treatments.

“What AMC is doing here is not unlike what Sony did a few years ago with their Spider-Man franchise,” said Kloeke. “Why wait around for another company to remake your stuff when you can do it? Cast some young stud as Walter and and even hotter stud as Jesse and you’re guaranteed a huge hit on your hands. Or here’s an idea… switch genders! Make Walter Martha. Make Jesse Jessie! Holy shit, I need to talk to AMC. You read it here first, if this happens, AMC owes me money!”

“What’s in My Pocket” – ABC
The simple premise behind ABC’s new game show is simple; contestants try to guess what’s in the host’s pocket and if they are right, they get a prize.

“This is a show that I’m not real sure will work primarily because the host, Dick Whiteman, insists on putting very long, very large vegetables in his pockets for most of the rounds,” said Bernstein. “And then, when people have finished guess he slowly pulls the vegetable out of his pants and bites it, just a little, while looking directly in to the camera. It’s… it’s not… right. But hey, who am I to judge?”

“Twitter, The Series” – NBC
Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms at the moment and several television shows have even been created based on people discovered on Twitter. But with “Twitter, The Series” the focus will be on the social media platform.

“Basically, we just have an actor standing in front of the screen reading Twitter out loud,” said NBC President of East Coast Media Relations and Development Bernie Holsburghenstien. “It’s that simple. We let Twitter do all the work for us. It’s not gonna cost us a thing to produce and the whole world will watch because we might air one of their tweets read out loud.”

“World’s Best Human Centipede” – TruTV
On this competition show, teams will compete in various physical challenges while attached “ass to mouth,” much like the cult classic horror film “Human Centipede.”

“I can tell you that I really have no interest in this show, but I can tell you, I’m sure going to watch it,” said television fan Sasha Jenks. “This show has the chance to be one of the most disturbingly watchable shows ever created. People will tune in just to see what crazy shit is going to happen. I’ve already got my DVR programmed.”

“Real World: Somalia” – MTV
The Real World series has been on air for over 20 years and while the series is not the ratings draw for MTV that it use to be, the show series does have some life left in it as the network debuts Real World: Somalia.

“We’ve had a Real World set in almost every American City so we decided to go outside the US and what better place than Somalia?,” said MTV Vied President of Programming Shelly Crestworth. “And we are getting back to basics with this series. We took the seven or however many kids, dropped them off in Somalia, told them it was Miami, gave them a couple cameras and told them we’ll pick them up in February. It should be great television.”

“Goat Love” – NBC
Goat Love may be the most controversial show debuting this fall. The show is centered on a man who is love with a goat. While that premise has been played out on televisions screens several times in recent years, the twist to “Goat Love” is that the goat is also male.

“This show will be in the headlines every week!” said Bernstein. “We’ve all seen the man loves goat story line a thousand times but in those thousand times the goat has always been a girl goat. Now the goat is a male goat. This could be a huge hit or a huge miss for NBC but one thing is for sure – this show will be huge, huge in Oklahoma. But if anything, this is going to start the debate on same-sex bestial relationships. Who knows, this show might just be the lynchpin to get some major laws overturned.”


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