Grandmother Still Waiting for Chainletter to Pay Off

Cheryl Gilchrist has been waiting 25 years for the riches and luck promised to her in a chainletter.
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OMAHA, NE – Local grand mother, Cheryl Gilchrist, has been patiently waiting the riches promised in a chain letter she sent to 10 friends 25 years ago.

The letter stated anyone who forwarded the letter to 10 friends would be rewarded with riches and luck.

“I just know that (the money) is going to come any day now,” Gilchrist said. “I mean it has to, right? They wouldn’t have lied to me, right? What am I saying, no, it’s not a lie. I mean right in the letter it talked about that poor little kid from Des Moines that didn’t send the letter and then 5 years later he was eaten by a bear. These things can take time, you can’t just expect it all to happen the next day. That would would just be silly.”

Upon receiving the letter 25 years ago, Gilchrist immediately sent he letter to 10 of her closest friends.

“I sent that thing out as quickly as I could,” Gilchrist said. “I don’t even think an hour went by before I had all 10 letters in the mail. I wasn’t going to take any chances. I mean, I didn’t want to end up like that poor little girl from Nantucket who didn’t send out the letters and a week later she was eaten by a pack of raccoons. That would just be terrible. No, I didn’t want that to happen to me so I sent the letters. And you know, getting all that money was a big factor, too. I was 60 years old at the time and I was doing OK but who doesn’t want to be rich? I already know what I’m going to buy with the money. My grandkids will all get one of those new rollerskate thing-a-ma-jigs that I saw in the skymall catalog. Those look like so much fun.”

Although she has been waiting for 25 years, Gilchrist said she will continue to wait for as long as necessary.

“I just think this is something worth waiting for,” said Gilchrist. “I waited for my ex-husband to die for 47 years, so I can wait for anything.”

Many of Gilchrist’s family and friends, including those that received the chain letter, think she is foolish for waiting for riches and luck promised by the letter.

“Those letters are such a scam. No one ever had anything good come from sending one of those,” said Gilchrist’s childhood friend Penny Anne Ryan. “She just sits there on the porch and waits for the mail to come. She does that every day. I’ll admit that I sent the letter on to 10 friends too, but I realized long ago that I wasn’t gonna get any money from it. Unless… what if I didn’t write one of the addresses down on the envelope right? I’ll be right back.”

Despite the feelings of her family and friends, Gilchrist plans on seeing this out to the end.

“I know a lot of people think that I’m crazy, but they’ll see how crazy I am when I’m dancing on their graves. Maybe that’s what I’ll do first. I’ll buy some new dancing shoes and go over to West Glen Cemetery and dance on Marget Verstiver’s grave. She was always such a negative bitch. Oh my word, did I just say that? Oh well, it’s true. The bitch.”


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