Poor Rating May Force Networks to Cancel The Donald Trump Presidency


WASHINGTON, D.C. – If ratings don’t improve network executives say they may be forced to cancel The Donald Trump Presidency.

“You always hate to cancel programs that people have been working hard on but at the same time you don’t want to waste money and waste people’s time on something no one wants to watch,” said network executive, Francine Marsilis. “But sometimes, things just don’t work out. Look at Firefly. Or Cop Rock. Those shows never had a chance to get off the ground. If those shows had had two seasons like (the Trump Presidency), the cast and crew would have been ecstatic. Sometimes, you just have to do what’s right and cut your losses.”

The Donald Trump Presidency is currently experiencing historically low ratings overall and almost non-existent ratings from the key 18 to 24-year-old demographic.

“We had high hopes for (The Donald Trump Presidency) thinking that, you know, people would really like it since it was new and different,” said The Donald Trump Presidency producer, Richey Brandford. “I guess we overestimated the amount of racist and scared and misogynistic old white men that are in America. Don’t get me wrong, there are a whole lot of them, and every single one of them love The Donald Trump Presidency, but it turns out that those people are not enough to make The Donald Trump Presidency a hit. And companies don’t really want to spend marketing budgets on racist and scared and misogynistic old white men. It’s a shame because The Donald Trump Presidency has been really great for those racist and scared and misogynistic old white men… and good for Russia.”

Showrunners for The Donald Trump Presidency say if cancelation becomes a reality, they may look to other networks as a new home for the show.

“There may be other options for The Donald Trump Presidency if and when it is canceled by the networks,” said The Donald Trump Presidency showrunner, Oleg Konstantinov. “We may look to move the show to a minor cable network or perhaps even move the show to Russian television. The show is very popular in Russia – although the translation actually makes The Donald Trump Presidency a comedy in Russia. Yes, Donald Trump is a big clown in Russia.”

Now in its third season, The Donald Trump Presidency has consistently struggled with ratings. Networks had hoped that as time went on the audience would grow but almost universally poor reviews have hampered the show’s ability to attract new viewers.

“Critics, and everyone is a critic these days, am I right? But critics do not like The Donald Trump Presidency at all,” said network executive, Gene Lieberman. “Critics are especially harsh on the show’s lead, Donald Trump. Granted he is supposed to be a villain but his character is a little over the top and the only people that can relate to him are racist and scared and misogynistic old white men. So I get it. The kids, 18 to 24-year-olds just fucking hate Donald Trump so I honestly don’t think the show will ever really catch on and advertisers are already looking elsewhere.”

Fans of the show have started an online petition to keep The Donald Trump Presidency on the air but so far only a couple hundred fans have filled out the petition correctly.

“I love Donald Trump and I love The Donald Trump Presidency!” said The Donald Trump Presidency fan, Jason Johnson. “I… uh, I… signed on this… um… petrition thing that my bud Jim sent me in the email and I told them sonsofbitches to stop talkin’ ‘bout cancelin’ my The Donald Trump Presidency! I wasn’t sure what to do on the… perid…da…tition but I went and clicked it with the computer. TDP! TDP I mean, TDP!”

According to sources at NBC, the networks have already begun test screening possible replacements for The Donald Trump Presidency including a reboot of Cop Rock.

“The Donald Trump Presidency is on its last legs and we are not going to be caught unprepared so yeah, we are definitely looking at replacements,” said Marsilis. “We have a reboot of Cop Rock that we are looking at and an all-female reboot of Hogan’s Heroes.”


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