Dawn Releases New Dish Soap for Men

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A new line of Dawn Dish Soap aimed at men will soon be available.
A new line of Dawn Dish Soap aimed at men will soon be available.
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CINCINNATI, OH – In an effort to appeal to men, Procter & Gamble (P&G) is releasing a new Dawn Dish Soap made specifically for men.

“Our market research showed us, surprisingly, that dish soap is purchased and used by women, almost exclusively,” said P&G Head of Product Development, Dan Moda. “Digging into that data a little deeper we learned that men, by and large, view dish soap as ‘a chick thing’ and not ‘manly.’ That is a huge demographic we are missing out on so we are now making Dawn Dish Soap for men with ingredients and a marketing campaign that will appeal to men.”

The new Dawn Dish Soap for Men will come in three different scents: gunpowder, barbeque, and boobs.

“Through our research, we narrowed down the main scents that those alpha type males out there like, and we landed on gun powder, barbeque and boob sweat,” said Dawn Dish Soap Product Engineer, Kelly Wysneski. “This has been a crazy project that came up with a whole bunch of interesting scents that appealed to men – scents that I would have never thought of. Chicken Wings was one that almost made the cut, so was bubble gum, interesting enough. If this new line works well, you can bet that we’ll be seeing some of these other scents including my personal favorite, Sawdust Covered Wet Dog.”

The dish soap bottles will also be changed to feature elements that appeal to men.

“The new bottles will come in gun-metal gray, camouflage, and off-white but not quite beige,” said Packaging Designer, Melanie Hirsh. “The bottles will still be the same shape as they are now but there are plans to create new bottle molds if changing the color doesn’t get more men to buy the dish soap. We will have bottles shaped like guns, and some shaped like lifted trucks, and of course we will have some shaped like boobs. The plan for the boob bottle design is interesting because the soap itself will come out of the nipple. We’re still a little ways off on being able to produce that, but trust me, it’ll be worth it. And if that doesn’t work we may ultimately resort to making the bottles out of that sheet metal with the diamond pattern that, like, all ‘man’ things are made out of.”

The release of the new dish soap will be preceded with a strong marketing push that will begin during this month’s Super Bowl.

“The Super Bowl commercial will kick off the campaign and it’s balls-to-the-wall action,” said P&G Advertising Manager, Dakota Jordan. “The commercial will feature a rough and tumble man, dirty from all the work he’s done, getting out of a huge truck and then he has to dodge some gun fire, and then goes in to the kitchen where his big breasted wife is sitting there, defeated by the huge stack of dishes that can only be washed by a big, strong, man using the new gun-powder scented Dawn Dish Soap. It’s going to be epic. Also, there will be really loud country-rock music and some explosions. But that probably goes without saying.”

Since the new line was first announced, interest in the new dish soap has been steadily increasing online.

“I’ve never done a dish in my life, and I don’t intend to start, but this new soap has really got me thinking that may change,” says Bud Rutten, 52, of Knoxville, TN. “I can tell you that I’m no chick, but maybe if my woman is out getting me more beer or something, and I need to have my favorite shot glass washed so I can enjoy my evening Boilermaker, well, I may actually wash it instead of waiting and then beating her for taking too long at the store.”


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