Area Co-worker Deemed Ugly But "Fuckable"


ENGLEWOOD, CO – Undeterred by a less than attractive facial appearance, John Lewdig, US West Order Coodinator, was classified as “fuckable” by fellow co-worker and single mother Janice Jamison.
“Ya know, sometimes ya just gotta take what you can get,” Jamison said. “Regardless of the nappy hair, horrible acne problem and the missing ear, he has one hot ass. I wouldn’t mind getting’ a money shot of that. And on Fridays, when he wears tight jeans, damn! Let’s just say you can see how big his family tree is.”
Though most of her other fellow female co-workers disagree stating “John looks like someone beat him with the ugly stick and then fucked him with it,” Jamison stands by her beliefs.
“I’d do him. That’s all I am saying,” Jamison said.


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