Inappropriate Gift Given at Baby Shower


BRIANHEAD, UT – At a baby shower for Krista Wilson, an inappropriate gift was given causing the mother-to-be to decry “this is the worst baby shower ever!”
The gift, a knife set, was given to Wilson by co-worker Rachele Ferreast.
“That knife set was an embarrassment and ruined everything,” said Wilson. “What the fuck am I supposed to do with a knife set and a new baby? It’s not like I can give the baby a knife. Rachele is a bitch and I can’t believe she did this to me on my day. My day. I hope she dies.”
Ferreast was unavailable for comment but did release a statement to the press.
“I just thought she would like a knife set. I was only trying to be nice. She has been talking about this knife set since I’ve known her… I’m sorry for ruining everything,” Ferreast stated.


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