Man Celebrates Black History Month By Dating Black Woman


WILLIAMSON, NJ – In an effort to celebrate Black History Month, John Henderson, a Caucasian, decided that he would date Carol Daniels, an African American woman. Henderson asked Daniels out on February first, the beginning of the celebratory month.
“You know, I just thought it was time to celebrate Black History in a special way,” Henderson said. “I’ve always been attracted to (Daniels) so I saw this as my time to finally do something about it. I mean, I could’ve have been like everyone else and reflected on all the things that George Washington Carver did for the world, or watch all of Denzel Washington’s movies, but I wanted something different. I wanted something special. More importantly, I wanted to get laid.”
After dating for the entire month, Henderson and Daniels split amicably on the 28th. While Henderson hasn’t ruled out on a further relationship, Daniels is a bit more hesitant.
“(John) is a nice guy and all, but he’s just too, too white,” Daniels said. “Our first date he actually tried to tell me that he was a huge fan of the Wu-Tang Clan, but then he actually called Ol’ Dirty Bastard ‘Old Filthy Bastard.’ I mean come on, I don’t even like rap and I knew that one. But we’ll see how things go. If we go out again, great, if not, I’ll have no problem finding some other guy to fuck.”


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