Date Looks Nothing Like Her Photo


MESA, AZ – After returning from a first date with Rachelle Vargas, local man James Sheppard reported on his blog ( that Vargas looked nothing like her picture on
To protect Vargas’ identity, Sheppard did not use her name or picture but did describe the picture and Vargas’ real-life appearance.
“The picture of (Vargas) was gorgeous,” stated Sheppard. “In the picture she has beautiful green eyes, a pouty little mouth and thin features. In real life that woman looks completely different. They green eyes are obscured by purple and black bruises, the pouty face is due to a stroke and the thin features were apparently 50 pounds ago.”
Sheppard continued to say that he still had sex with Vargas but will not call for a second date.
“So yeah, I still did her but only because it had been a while for me and at that point I could have cared less what she looked like,” stated Sheppard. “I just closed my eyes real tight, let it fly and ran out of there. Literally ran. Thank god I used my friend Rob’s name and details so she can’t track me down.”


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