Gay Rights Group Wants Clearer Movie Titles


SAN FRANCISCO – A notable gay rights advocacy group, the Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Gay Association, has sent a petition to major studios, asking for more accurate standards for naming films. The petition, which contains over 70,000 signatures, was conceived by a lesbian couple after they mistakenly rented the wrong movie.
“Call me old fashioned, but when you rent a movie called ‘Snatch,’ you have certain, um, expectations,” said Denise Williams, originator of the petition. “What we want is a clear explanation of what the title means. If I would have known that ‘Snatch’ was a British film and not lesbian porn, I would have never picked it up. The movie studios need to change this before any other people are affected by this.”
In the petition, the signers are asking studios to name films with words that best describe the film. In this example, the film “Snatch” would be renamed “British Heist Film with Some Boxing and a Character That You Can’t Understand What He’s Saying.” So far, studio chiefs are resistant to make any changes.
“First of all, we’re not in the censoring business,” said Warner Brothers studio head Benjamin Perry. “We’re not about to tell a film maker what they can, or should call their film. That’s idiotic. Screw the LBGA. Not literally of course.”


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