Consistently Matches Local Woman with Ugly, Creepy Men


LAKEWOOD, CO – Local woman Jenny McClintock is confused as to why continues to recommend “creepy and ugly guys” as potential dates.
Each week, sends McClintock an email full of potential “matches” however; according to McClintock each man listed as a match has severe mental and/or physical deficiencies.
“I know I sound like a bitch but look at this,” said McClintock. “See this guy right here? His nickname is UpYoButt. What the fuck is that all about? Who on Earth would find that appealing? Find me the normal woman that would email that dumbshit. And look at this guy. He wants to know what my shirt size is. He probably wants to wear my skin like a coat.” maintains that McClintock is just being picky and based on her profile picture, she should lower her standards a bit.


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