Angry Father Stops Car


SAN DIEGO, CA – After almost an hour of continuous bad behavior by his three children, Dennis Feagley, stopped his car along Interstate 10, stating that he had finally “had it up to here!”
Just 20 minutes outside of San Diego, Feagley’s kids, Ben, 12, Stacey, 9, and Carl, 7, reportedly began annoying their parents by fighting amongst each other, screaming and yelling and complaining about the road trip.
“What really set me off and made me pull that car over was when they were all fighting and I told them to settle down, but Carl told me to go fuck myself. That really got me worked up, so I told them to settle down about 10 or 12 more times. Then, after Stacey told me I was a horrible father and I was going to hell, that is when I pulled over,” Feagley said.
Once the car was pulled stopped, Feagley reportedly turned around and told his children to settle down or they would be left alone along the side of the road, forced to fend for themselves till they were old enough to work as hookers and pimps. Around 30 minutes later the youngsters calmed down enough for Feagley to continue with the drive.


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