Local Couple Regrets Kiss-Kam Performance


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Shortly after their kiss-kam performance on the AT&T Bricktown Ballpark Jumbotron, local couple Leon Trendle and Sarah Jo Neller felt regret. The couple felt their performance was “lackluster” and showed no “spark.”

“I kinda felt like we should have just gone full out, you know?” said Trendle. “How often are ya gonna get an opportunity at something like that and we just kinda fucked it up. I should have pulled my dick out and made her kiss it like I thought about. But I just froze and ended up kissing her normal.”

Neller said she has since promised herself that if she ever appears on the kiss-kam again, she will make the most of it.

“Leon is all talk. He said he was gonna pull out his dick but he didn’t,” said Neller. “So next time, who ever I’m with, I’ll just do it myself. I’ll reach right on in there, pull it out and kiss it.”


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