Picture In Newspaper Turns Man Into Jerk


KANSAS CITY, KS – According to friends, after his picture appeared on the front page of the local paper, Ryan Moss, 23 has let his new found celebrity go to his head.

“It’s really annoying, he’s been walking around the house like he’s hot shit, but it was a stupid picture that just happened to be printed,” said Moss’ roommate Doug Wilson. “He’s not even the focus of the picture. He just happened to be in the background when the photographer took the shot. It was complete coincidence. Now he thinks he’s awesome. Charging people for autographs and shit. (Moss) has totally changed.”

The picture in question, which was published in the Milwaukee Daily Monitor, features a shot of a dog in the air catching a Frisbee. Moss happened to walking in the background when the picture was being taken.

“You know, people are just so jealous,” Moss said. “I’ve got a natural talent, and everyone is just hating on me because now it’s finally being showcased to the world. I can’t help it that the camera loves me. It’s my natural magnetism. I can’t help it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find some girl to make a sex tape with, because that’s what us celebrities do.”


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