Pothead Patiently Waiting for 4:20


BOULDER, CO – A local community college student and self proclaimed “huge pothead” has been sitting in his apartment for the past 20 minutes, patiently waiting for the time to reach 4:20 pm.

“Huh?” said Connor “Reeps” Reard. “Yeah. I’m just chillin’ man. Just hangin’ out waiting for it to get to 4:20 so I can blaze up. I’ve already smoked like… four bowls? But I haven’t smoked since… like, three something.”

Reard has smoked marijuana at 4:20 for three consecutive days, breaking his own record.

“Everyone knows that 4:20 is the best time to get high,” said Reard. “I’ve gotten high at 4:20 for like, three days in a row and if I make it to today it will be like… four? Yeah. Sweet man. It would have been five days in a row but I fell asleep on Monday and didn’t wake up until five. I still got high when I woke up though.”


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