Hipster Admits Honest Feelings About Stuff


SILVERLAKE, CA – Friends of Dillon “Dilly” Feinberg were disappointed to discover that he actually likes things that are popular for un-ironic reasons.

During a conversation with friends, Feinberg, the self-described hipster, said that he honestly likes football, the television show “The Big Bang Theory,” and the music of Lady Gaga.

“We all thought that he was being ironic and, you know, a hipster but then he started talking about all that stuff and it was clear that he really does like that stuff. Like actually like and not just ironic like,” said Feinberg’s friend Olivia “ODT” Thompson. “I’m not real sure what to think. We tried making fun of him but we were just so disappointed in him that it kind of just made us all sad. So we ditched him and went to Jizzy’s (Jordan Capasso) house and got high and watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon that he torrented.”

Feinberg said he should have never disclosed his true feelings and will not make the mistake in the future.

“I learned a valuable lesson,” said Feinberg. “I’ll just have to make sure I never, ever make an honest admission again.”


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