Budweiser in Fridge Reveals Bad Relationship


SILVER SPRINGS, MD – Friends said they were shocked and saddened when they discovered a Budweiser beer in the refrigerator of Cammie Wenshaw, indicating a new and likely bad relationship.

“We were over at Cammie’s apartment last weekend and I went to put some TriceriHops Red IPA in her fridge and I saw the Budweiser in there and I immediately just thought ‘oh my god, poor Cammie,’” said Trina Scooth. “We all know what kind of guys drink Bud and well, we just all feel sorry for Cammie. I let her know that if she needed anything, that she can call me. It’s just too bad. I know she is kinda desperate but… damn, that’s scrapping the bottom of the barrel.”

At press time Wenshaw was unavailable for an interview but did release a statement saying “I know, it’s just that his Tinder photo looked cute. I don’t know. I just don’t know anymore.”


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