Decorators Offer Tips for Decorating Your New Bedroom in Your Parent’s Basement

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Plants can help brighten up a basement bedroom.
Plants can help brighten up a basement bedroom.

LOS ANGELES, CA – As thousands of students graduate college and move back in with their parents, redecorating tips for basement living spaces has become a popular social media trend.

“Since grads have no job prospects, or at least no well-paying job prospects, and since they can’t afford to live on their own, looking at redecorating their new room in their parent’s basement has become a popular trend on all social media,” said Instagram Influencer, Danielle Elfman. “The thing is that no one has any money so myself and all the other designers out there have to get really creative. Use what you’ve got, recycle old things into new things. It’s a challenge, but it’ll be so worth it in the end.”

The Scoop News has asked leading interior designers for low-cost tips and tricks for redecorating parent’s basement.

“Adding plants, like, a ton of plants to your parent’s basement will help make the area feel less like a depressing, cold, stuffy basement and more like an exotic jungle where anything can happen and adventure is right around the corner,” said Modern Basement Magazine Editor, Petra Gabriel. “You’ll probably still be sad and alone but at least you will be sad and alone in a jungle! For an added thrill, introduce exotic animals to the room! And plants are really cheap because they are literally everywhere outside. You can just take any plant you want home to your sad basement room.”

Old stuffed animals and toys
“If your parents are like mine, they turned your old room in to an S&M parlor and moved your stuff to either the garage or the basement,” said Vanity Fair Interior Design Editor, Bev Folds. “There is nothing wrong with revisiting your old stuff and decorating your new dark and cold basement with old toys and stuffed animals. You’ll need those reminders of happier times as you sit there and stare at the gray concrete walls while trying to get ready for your shift at Starbucks.”

String lights and pillows
“For your OnlyFans content you’ll want to make sure you have some nice lights and a bunch of pillows for your basement bedroom slash studio,” said OnlyFans Director of Account Management, Gwen Phillips. “For that you can use your parents Christmas lights for and grab some of your mom’s old throw pillows. A nice shelf for your sex toys is a nice addition as well. You don’t want those things just laying on the dirty floor. That can cause infections and let’s face it, it just looks unprofessional if there is a big dust bunny hanging off of your double ended dildo. The good thing is you don’t have to spend a lot on furniture, since you can go out on any given street in America and find a free mattress. That means you can put all of your budget into the sex toys. Those are important. More important than you could possibly imagine. Trust me.”

Medieval torture equipment
“You are already in a basement so you might as well play that up and go all medieval,” said Better Homes and Gardens Basement Editor, Phillip Bridgers. “You can find torture devices and an assortment of chains and wall shackles at any flea market so just go crazy. Maybe smear some blood and other bodily fluids on the walls and just have fun with it! Better yet, repurpose your parents S&M gear into cute knick knacks to give your space some character.”

Padded Walls
“This is a simple design technique that will really make the room pop,” said Cosmopolitan Home Editor, Kim Booth. “Pad every surface of the room in the whitest fabric you can find. The best thing is since the floor will also be padded, there is no need for other furniture. A room like this will really help new grads prepare for the life that’s ahead of them.”


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